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Bocagrandiart, began 7 years ago on the beautiful Caribbean Island of Aruba, where I  worked as a local artist specializing in driftwood art.I am a Venezuelan -ex-pat, and I must confess that each of my artistic pieces have a personal connection, revealing the colors of my country. Currently I am working outside of Aruba.

Jennika creator of Bocagrandiart 

From a young age I have always been interested in  drawing. Growing up my, mother was a professional baker, and I became very intrigued by the many colors my mother used. At 11 years of age, I started drawing hand-made comics about cakes and in the following years I perfected my technique. This motivated me to take some courses in pointillism,  embossment on wood and stained glass.

I have been away from my country for a decade and it is at this stage where I am able to advance in my crafts and souvenirs project, positioning Bocagrandiart as a commercial brand.

In 2018 I signed up for online Artistic Drawing classes but my wish was to obtain a deeper training and  in August 2020, I started private classes in Theory and Techniques of Art, under the personal tutelage of  Ernesto De La Peña Folch.As a result, I continue to search for my signature style and continue to develop my artistic progress and  development using acrylics, collage, inks, and carbon.

2020, marked the beginning of my advances into digital art  after the arrival of the pandemic. This period of  isolation, made me change from a physical medium and experiment with digital tools as a new discipline. To my surprise, after several digital sketches and some adjustments, I began to develop a whole story with a narrative that involves the Caribbean theme and the conservation of our ecosystem as a call to human conscience. Resulting in a collection of digital illustrations and some animated pieces. For the most part, this entire collection is displayed in different markets places on the Blockchain as an NFT (Not Found Token)

In June 2021, I begin studies in Oil and to integrate this technique into my work as a new medium and with a richness and value different from other materials.

In my own opinion I would  say that I am still learning and trying to bring a variety of bright and new colors to my art pieces. 

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