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Would you like to know what my work is about, its process and what have been my references?

Then stay so that I may  tell you about my travels these last 10 years and

how they have had a marked influence on each color, stroke and form that I have created. 

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Statement of  Art Work 

Looking back, I have always leaned towards colorful works from a very young age. It is possible that in my subconscious the influence of the master Cruz-Diez and his Couleur on our streets, squares, museums and sculptures in my municipality, and throughout my country, have been a great reference and influence in my work.


Many have asked me why I carry the Caribbean theme and its colors in my work.

For this I must make a leap in my memory and go to my past. One's first international journey is always remembered. My first international experience was to visit the beautiful island of Curaçao, with its historical Dutch colonial architecture that was very well preserved and colorful.  I was impressed. Using photography I documented every day in detail  its fauna,  art and local traditions. As a result , I have always felt: "Bonbini"  welcome in the Dutch Caribbean. 


Due to political issues and personal determination I embarked on a migratory trip to Europe. Of all my memories and feelings about this trip there is a particular visit in Paris to the Jardin des Plantes which consists of several galleries and among them is the National Museum of Natural History with a beautiful collection of fossils from all over the world. I was shocked by the diversity of fossilized blocks, their color, their texture and their importance in our evolution as a human species.

Reflecting on this trip, I wouldn't say that my love for fossils started there, I would just say that we met again. 


The island of Aruba has a special place in my heart, my new home with my family and beautiful memories during our time on this island. Aruba is 32 km long by 10km wide approximately. Here  is where Bocagrandiart was born, you can read in my biography more details about this stage. Making art in the Caribbean and on Aruba was a challenge on a personal level because I didn't want to imitate my fellow artisans and creators of the island. My niche has been connected to the preservation of fauna and among the species with which I have been able to be closer to, the sea turtles. 

I learned a lot about their delicate and fragile condition in the ocean in the face of humans selfish actions and privilege as the dominant species on this planet. My canvases were pieces of dry wood from the sea. The carving and care to return these pieces as paintings with a narrative implied a greater contact with the land and nature. I am an artist of textures, of vivid colors. To be able to represent nature with a piece of it in my hands was an honor.

I currently reside in Mexico City. I have been here for  3 years surrounded by vibrant culture, sounds, color and an ancestral footprint that guides us. A new chapter has begun, where it will take me remains to be seen.



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